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Pre-classic was the initial development phase of Minecraft, in which the very basic mechanics and elements of the game were developed, tested and improved over the period of less than a week – from May 10–16, 2009. It was not originally released to the public, but it is now playable via the launcher.


  Available in the launcher.
  Unavailable in the launcher but direct proof exists.
  No direct proof exists.
Version Release date and time Notes
mc-161648 May 16, 2009, 14:48 UTC Possibly Classic 0.0.1a; changed the version number format if so. This is also the version that fartron suggested a build count, which would later become the version info that was present until Beta 1.8. "dock, fartron, Jrsquee: I've uploaded a new version that fixed the mouse lag for me." "put in a build count or something so i can tell if it loaded the new one"[1]
mc-161625 May 16, 2009, 14:25 UTC A couple of issues with this version reported by the three testers were low sensitivity, unplayable FPS, invert not working, and textures missing. "dock, fartron: New version, reload the page."[1]
mc-161616 May 16, 2009, 14:16 UTC Mouse code changes, likely because of dock having mouse issues. "dock, fartron: There's a new version up."[1]
mc-161607 May 16, 2009, 14:07 UTC Made the game run in the Java applet; game is now "Minecraft Alpha"; first private testing. "minecraft alpha is available."[1]
rd-161348 May 16, 2009, 11:48 UTC Saplings.
rd-160052 May 15, 2009, 22:52 UTC Dirt, stone, planks, particles, and full screen.
rd-20090515 May 14, 2009 Trying to download this version ends up downloading rd-161348. Level generation is now more natural.
rd-132328 May 13, 2009, 21:28 UTC Humans have been added.
rd-132211 May 13, 2009, 20:11 UTC The earliest archived version of Minecraft. Block placing and breaking have been added. Apparently ez had tested versions since this build.
rd-132151 May 13, 2009, 19:51 UTC "i'll update tiles chunks the player first, and force a full update upon game start"[2]
Cave game tech test May 13, 2009. 16:51 UTC The earliest version with any solid proof, which would be the video. Speaking of which, was recorded at approximately 17:00. "hmm, I wonder if I could make a vid of this" Notch would share the video about 50 minutes later. "ok, the quality is still crap until the processing finishes, but"[2]
Pre-CGTT 20090513-1648 May 13, 2009, 16:48 UTC "I managed to force it to do as I want now. 72 fps, 288 chunk updates per second"[2]
Pre-CGTT 20090513-1641 May 13, 2009, 16:41 UTC "I made it only update two chunks per frame maximum, and it's very slow"[2]
Pre-CGTT 20090513-1408 May 13, 2009, 12:08 UTC "100 ms lag spikes make the game unplayable right now, and they happen every time a block changes.. soo.. :-\"[2]
Pre-CGTT 20090513-1351 May 13, 2009, 11:51 UTC "wait, I think I did my math wrong here somewhere. 3 terabytes of ram?"[2]
Pre-CGTT 20090512 May 12, 2009 "i was trying to narrow down a performance issue last night."[2]
Pre-CGTT Initial Test May 10, 2009 Minecraft development begins under a temporary name, Cave Game.
"under development since about May 10, 2009."[3]